How To Repair A Brick Retaining Wall And Patch An Adjacent Asphalt Driveway

Repair a retaining wall that borders your property's asphalt driveway by replacing missing bricks and filling gaps with mortar by completing the steps below. Afterward, patch cracks in the driveway's surface and seal the asphalt. Once finished, place decorative pots that contain flowering plants next to each side of the retaining wall to improve the appearance of your property. 


  • high-flow power nozzle
  • water hose
  • sponge
  • detergent
  • long-handled scrub brush
  • bricks
  • mortar mix
  • bucket
  • mixing stick
  • trowel
  • putty knife
  • cold asphalt patch
  • tamping tool
  • vinyl drop cloths
  • asphalt sealant
  • paint tray
  • thick-napped paint roller
  • roller frame and tension handle

Clean And Repair The Wall

Attach a high-flow power nozzle to the end of a water hose to increase the amount of water pressure that the hose provides you with. Rinse off each side of the retaining wall with water to remove loose dirt and stains. Use a damp sponge to apply detergent to stained surfaces. For stubborn stains, move a long-handled scrub brush briskly back and forth over brick surfaces. Rinse off each side of the wall with plain water and wait for the bricks to dry.

If there are any spots in the wall that are missing bricks, prepare mortar by adding mortar mix and water to a bucket. To determine how much mortar mix and water to blend together, refer to the packaging that the mortar mix is contained in. Stir the mortar for a couple minutes until it is a creamy consistency. Use a trowel to apply mortar to the sides of replacement bricks that will be adjoined to other bricks in the wall. Insert one brick in each gap and press against the side of each one until they have all adhered. Use a putty knife to smooth out the surface of mortar. 

Fill Cracks In Asphalt And Apply Sealer

Rinse the asphalt off with a water hose and wait for the driveway's surface to dry. Apply an even amount of cold asphalt patch to one side of a trowel. Insert the edge of the trowel in cracks in the driveway's surface. Use a putty knife to scrape the mortar from the trowel. After cracks are filled, flatten patch by pressing the bottom of a tamping tool against each repaired surface. Wait for the patch to harden.

Line the driveway with vinyl tarps. Pour asphalt sealer into a paint tray. Use a roller that has a thick nap to cover the driveway with sealer. Move the roller across the driveway in even lines. Sealer will take a couple days to dry. Once this occurs, remove the tarps from the ground and place potted plants on each side of the wall. Contact a company like Salem Paving to learn more.