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Improving Our Driveway

Easy Repairs For Big Asphalt Cracks

When someone pulls into your driveway, the first thing they’re likely to notice about your house is your driveway. With winter, spring, and summer temperatures expanding and contracting your asphalt driveway, it’s important to give your driveway a little...

Preparing Your Driveway for Seal Coating

If you have a seal coating planned for your driveway, then the professionals you hired will be able to properly place the sealer across the asphalt. However, if you do not prepare your driveway first, then the material may not last nearly as long as it should. Asphalt...

About Me

After we found the house of our dreams and moved in, we realized that some of the exterior features needed a little tender loving care. For example, the driveway was discolored because of several painting projects. We decided to hire a paving contractor to repair some cracks and to see about dying the surface. I wasn’t that confident that the expert would be able to resolve our problem, but I was amazed when he was finished. He was able to blast away the stains and recolor the entire driveway to make it blend in. I was amazed to see the end result. This blog is all about working with paving contractors to improve your home.