Pros And Cons Of Limestone For Your Driveway

A lot of people dream of having a beautiful driveway as a feature for their property. This should be of no surprise as it is one of the features of your home or business that you interact with on a daily basis. Limestone has become a popular option for driveways in recent years, but what makes it more special than other materials? This article will be exploring the pros and cons of limestone for your driveway.


Many Design Options to Choose From

Limestone comes in a wide variety of sizes, and can be dyed colors to match your decorative needs, and it is very easy to install. It can adhere to nearly any style regardless of location, whether rural or suburban. The european edge that it brings can easily fit into a laid back, or more conservative lifestyle. Crushed stone can also fit any shape that it is poured into, making it far more versatile as a decorative material. This guarantees that your driveway will have a unique character that satisfies your own unique taste.

It Is Very Affordable

Crushed stone can be described as one of the cheapest available, in particular when it is purchased from local dealers. Prices only rise when stone has to be brought in from other areas, because the cost of the stone rises due to transportations fees.



Foot traffic and tire tread can carry small amounts of the limestone into grass, walkways, and carpet, but this is a situation that can easily be dealt with by being sure that your driveway has some kind of a border or barrier around it. This will be sure that amounts of the limestone are deposited in other areas far less frequently. To prevent it from ending up in the home, you can simply use an outdoor and indoor mat, which is already widespread practice for most entryways.

Simple weekly sweep of a sidewalk will be sufficient to remove any limestone buildup on sidewalks. 

Replenishing Stone

Due to displacement, you will need to replace lost stone every couple years. Even though this seems like it might be a big deal, the reality is that no matter what kind of driveway you decide to get, there will be maintenance tasks that need to be carried out, and much of it would need to be done on a far more frequent basis than replacing limestone. 

You can also talk to a paving contractor, like one from Paving Stone of San Diego, about limestone and other driveway materials.