Understanding the Various Types of Decorative Concrete

When you go through the process of adding upgrades to your home, consider adding decorative concrete accents. These accents can help to add to the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. In addition, if you already have concrete elements around the exterior of your home and they have started to crack, scale or pop-out, you can switch things up by adding decorative concrete.

You can upgrade your home with decorative bricks, flagstone, or textured concrete. Another type of concrete is decorative flatwork, which comes in a variety of textures and shapes. Decorative concrete is typically used to create walkways and paths around your home, but you can also use it to decorate the terrace or pool deck area. The information below highlights the various types of decorative concrete. 

Sustainable Concrete

Sustainable decorative concrete is considered extremely durable, which makes it a viable option for the exterior of your home. The concrete can withstand extreme weather elements such as natural disasters with windy thunderous rain without losing its original shape. In addition, sustainable decorative concrete is designed to withstand moisture damage that could come from pools of water gathered on its surface. It's also recyclable, and various concrete contractors use it for fill and road-based materials.

Textured Concrete

You can use textured decorative concrete to create handmade sculpted designs around the exterior of your home. Textured concrete is designed with exposed aggregate finish, which creates various textured patterns. In addition, when working with decorative concrete, you have the opportunity to create your own textured patterns before it dries. This can be achieved by using various materials such as paint brushes or sponges. Other materials such as marble, pebbles, and granite chips can also be added to the concrete mixture to enhance the type of texture you want to create.

Stamped Concrete

Decorative stamped concrete has various elements that allow you to create customized pattern designs for the exterior of your home. There are various mechanical design tools used to create impressions in the concrete before it can solidify. For instance, you can have concrete butterfly designed pattern stamps created and use them to make decorative impressions before the concrete hardens. Typically, the mechanical tools used to create the stamps have interlocking plank pattern elements, which have salt embossing and basketweave features. These elements make it easier for the patterns hold their shape once they're stamped into the concrete.

Talk to a contractor in your area for more information about what kind of concrete you should use for your project.