7 Tips To Maintain Your Business's Parking Lot

Throughout the course of a year, your business's parking lot is exposed to everything from wind to rain to cars with bad tires. Unfortunately, without proper maintenance of the lot's surface, you could need a replacement installed sooner rather than later. To help keep your asphalt parking lot in good condition, here are some tips you can use.  

  1. Get a professional cleaning. Wintry weather conditions can hide a lot of problems in your parking lot, such as cracking and potholes. If it is cleaned properly, those issues will be revealed and you can have them repaired before they grow worse.  

  2. Check your irrigation system. Standing water in your parking lot is not just a nuisance for customers. The water can lead to a breakdown of the pavement and cause it to be unstable. Your irrigation system should be draining the water on a consistent basis to prevent pooling.  

  3. Seal the cracks. Any cracks that are left unattended in the lot can grow deeper and eventually turn to holes. If you are unsure whether or not a crack truly needs to be sealed, call a contractor to assess it.  

  4. Use stripes to direct traffic. Stripes in your parking lot are more than just a decorative touch. They can be used to help direct customers towards certain areas, which can lessen the amount of wear and tear you have on all of the lot.  

  5. Clean oil spills weekly. Between professional cleanings of your lot, there will be cars that drip oil onto the surface. The oil can break down the asphalt and cause considerable wear and tear. Look for degreaser products that are designed for commercial use and scrub the oil spills on a regular basis. 

  6. Use sprinklers. High heat can quickly wear down the surface of your asphalt lot in the first few months after its installation. Using sprinklers or some other water source can help to cool the surface and give it the time needed to properly cure.  

  7. Avoid salt for de-icing. To de-ice your parking lot, you need to use a chemical that will not prove damaging to your surface. Kitty litter can be useful, but you have to remember to clean it up after the danger has passed.  

To learn other ways to care for your parking lot, consult with your asphalt contractor. In addition to receiving helpful tips, you can work with the contractor to create a maintenance schedule that is specifically fitted to your lot. Contact a company like Riggi Paving Inc to learn more.